What is LIGMA?

Fortnite & LIGMA

LIGMA Meaning

LIGMA is a phrase used on the Internet, usually by younger people, and is often used to refer to a disease that a person has contracted.

But what is LIGMA? In this article, I will discuss LIGMA including what it means and where the term comes from.

What does LIGMA stand for?

LIGMA stands for loose internal gene mi-asintits.

First Usage of LIGMA

In May of 2018, Richard Tyler Blevins, popularly known by his username, Ninja, disappeared from the online game, Fortnite. When players asked for the reason for his disappearance, they were told by other players that he had contracted LIGMA (fornitenius virgonetis) and died from this disease.

This is the first known use of this term. Due to the popularity of Fortnite, the usage of the term LIGMA has since grown.


LIGMA is an acronym for Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits and is also referred to as “The Fortnite Virus” and “The Virgin Sickness.”

The chronic and often fatal condition known as LIGMA is brought on by the BOFA virus (Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits.) It is said that LIGMA is the second stage and last treatable stage of the BOFA virus with BOFA being the onset stage and E-TMA (Entrenched Terminal Mi-Asintits) being the terminal stage of the disease.

LIGMA-BALLS: A Treatment for LIGMA

The Bi-Asonurdick Lateral Lactatioustits Sequence for LIGMA (known by its pharmaceutical name, LIGMA-BALLS) is a treatment for LIGMA. While there is no known cure for BOFA, this treatment can stop the spread of LIGMA at the BOFA stage thereby preventing the onset of E-TMA.

A Completely Fictitious Meme

At this point, I’m hoping you’ve realized that LIGMA and BOFA are completely fictitious. They’re made-up illnesses that were used by someone to explain Ninja’s disappearance from Fortnite.

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