How to Play the Discord Snake Game

Discord has a secret game that is playable within Discord and is for anyone who is able to find it! Because this game is an Easter egg, it’s really more difficult to find than it is to play. That said, it’s a fun little gem! The game is a simple implementation of the classic Snake game. In this game, players control a snake that moves around the screen, collecting food and growing in size. The goal of the game is to grow the snake as long as possible without running into the walls or its own tail. Then you can impress your friends with this secret bit of knowledge. In this tutorial, we will show you how to access and play with one of Discord’s Easter Eggs. Let’s go!

How to Find the Discord Snake Game

First, you will need to access a Discord 404 page.

A 404 page, also known as the “Not Found” page, is displayed when you try to access a page or resource on Discord that does not exist. To access Discord’s 404 page, you can try any one of the following step by step methods:

  1. Typing a random URL: Try typing a random URL in the address bar of your web browser while you are logged in to Discord, for example, This will likely take you to the 404 page.
  2. Clicking on a broken link: If you come across a broken link within Discord, for example, in a server or a channel that takes you to a page that doesn’t exist, you will be taken to the 404 page.
  3. Going to a deleted channel or server: If you try to access a channel or server that has been deleted, you will be taken to the 404 page.

Once there, click the snake in the design on the page as shown in the image below. This will take you to the Discord snake game.
where to find the discord snake game

You can also access the game by typing the command “!snake” in any chat. However, the server must have the game available.

How to Play The Game

The controls for the Discord Snake game are as follows:

  • The up arrow key moves the snake upwards.
  • The down key moves the snake downwards.
  • The left arrow key moves the snake left.
  • The right arrow key moves the snake right.

I think by now you’re sensing a pattern with the controls, amirite?

These are the only controls you’ll need to play the game. Play by navigating the snake around the screen to collect food (this is how you earn points.) Avoid hitting the walls or your snake’s body.

The objective of this lil’ snek game is to collect as much food as possible and achieve the highest score.

To win the game, you need to score the highest number of points among all the players on the server. As the game progresses and your snake gets longer, it becomes more difficult to avoid collisions, so be careful and use strategy in choosing your movements. Good luck!

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