Top 50 Subreddits in 2023

Here are the 50 largest subreddits (by subscribers) in March 2023. Note: All 50 of the top subreddits are safe for work (SFW.) If you’re looking for the top NSFW subreddits, you won’t find them here (sorry!)

RankSubreddit# of SubscribersDescription
1r/funny47,726,469Humorous content, such as memes, jokes, videos, and images.
2r/AskReddit39,924,380A platform where Redditors ask thought-provoking and entertaining questions to the Reddit community. Questions often range from serious to silly, and the answers can be informative, insightful, or funny. The subreddit has a vast range of topics, and anyone can post a question or answer.
3r/gaming36,294,683Dedicated to video games and related topics. Users share news, reviews, and opinions about games, as well as post their gaming experiences, strategies, and tips.
4r/aww33,511,076All about cute animals and heartwarming pet-related content. Users share photos, videos, and stories about their pets or cute animals they encounter.
5r/Music31,932,148A hub for music enthusiasts. Redditors share and discover new music, discuss favorite songs and artists, and learn about music history and theory.
6r/worldnews31,033,794A place to discuss global news and events. Users share news articles and discuss current events from around the world.
7r/todayilearned30,843,855All about interesting and informative facts. Users share and learn new information about a wide range of topics, from history and science to pop culture and trivia. The subreddit is a fun place to expand your knowledge and share fascinating tidbits with others.
8r/movies30,471,439Dedicated to all things related to movies. Redditors share and discuss movie news, reviews, trailers, and discussions about all genres and styles of film.
9r/pics29,831,784A subreddit for sharing interesting, humorous, or beautiful images. Users post their own photos or share images they find on the internet
10r/science29,631,054Dedicated to discussing scientific topics, research, and news. Users share and discuss new scientific discoveries, ask questions about science, and share information about scientific fields.
11r/Showerthoughts26,773,596A place for sharing interesting and often humorous insights and ideas that come to mind while in the shower.
12r/videos26,674,559All about sharing and discussing interesting and entertaining videos. Users share videos they find on the internet or discuss popular videos and viral content.
13r/news25,854,996A place to share and discuss news stories from around the world. Users share news articles and discuss current events, politics, and other topics in the news.
14r/Jokes25,481,561A place for sharing and enjoying jokes of all kinds. Redditors share their favorite jokes, make up their own, or enjoy the jokes shared by others.
15r/memes24,394,834Dedicated to sharing and enjoying all kinds of memes. Users post their own memes or enjoy the memes shared by others, covering a wide range of topics and types of humor.
16r/askscience23,743,602A platform for asking and answering scientific questions. Redditors ask questions about scientific topics, and experts in the field can provide answers based on scientific research and knowledge.
17r/food23,237,798A place to share and discuss all things related to food. Users share their own recipes and restaurant recommendations.
18r/EarthP*rn23,067,393A subreddit is dedicated to sharing stunning photos of landscapes and nature.
19r/space22,800,182All about space exploration and astronomy. Users discuss space news, share photos and videos from space missions, and learn about the latest discoveries in astronomy.
20r/IAmA22,444,053A platform for hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with people from all walks of life. Users ask questions of celebrities, politicians, experts, and everyday people, and get answers directly from the source.
21r/books22,248,593Dedicated to all things related to books. Users can share book recommendations, reviews, and discussions about books they have read or are interested in reading.
22r/Art22,204,917A place for sharing and discussing all forms of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, and more. Users can share their own artwork or appreciate the work of others.
23r/DIY22,149,874Dedicated to do-it-yourself projects and home improvement. Users can share their own DIY projects or get inspiration and advice from others.
24r/nottheonion22,105,731A place for sharing and discussing news stories that sound too absurd to be true, but are in fact real.
25r/explainlikeimfive22,035,825A place to ask and answer questions in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, using simple language and examples.
26r/LifeProTips21,833,818Dedicated to sharing tips and advice for improving everyday life, covering topics like health, finance, relationships, and more.
27r/mildlyinteresting21,733,580A place for sharing and appreciating things that are mildly interesting, but not necessarily groundbreaking or significant.
28r/gifs21,604,028All about sharing and enjoying interesting and entertaining GIFs, regardless of how you pronounce “gif”.
29r/gadgets21,089,281Dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology, including smartphones, computers, wearables, and more.
30r/sports20,608,333A place for discussing and sharing news, highlights, and opinions on all kinds of sports, from football and basketball to golf and tennis.
31r/Documentaries20,327,286A place for sharing and discussing documentaries on a wide range of topics, including history, science, politics, and more.
32r/GetMotivated19,588,458Dedicated to sharing motivational content, including quotes, images, and videos, to inspire and motivate people.
33r/dataisbeautiful19,344,226Dedicated to sharing interesting and visually appealing data visualizations.
34r/UpliftingNews18,885,663Dedicated to sharing positive news stories from around the world.
35r/tifu18,309,982Stands for “today I f*cked up”, this is a place where people share funny or embarrassing stories about things they did.
36r/photoshopbattles18,255,974Where people compete to create the best and funniest Photoshop edits based on a given image.
37r/Futurology18,212,218Dedicated to discussing future trends, technology, and predictions.
38r/listentothis17,803,104Where people share music from lesser-known artists and genres.
39r/OldSchoolCool17,519,078Dedicated to sharing cool and interesting photos from the past.
40r/history17,423,267A place for discussing historical events and figures.
41r/personalfinance17,407,986A place dedicated to helping people manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.
42r/nosleep17,317,423A place for sharing and reading scary and suspenseful fictional stories.
43r/philosophy17,148,222Where Redditors can discuss philosophical ideas and theories.
44r/WritingPrompts16,720,147A subreddit where people share writing prompts and then submit their creative writing based on those prompts.
45r/television16,664,107Dedicated to discussing tv shows.
46r/InternetIsBeautiful16,420,009A place where users can discover and share visually stunning, interactive, and useful websites or online tools that are aesthetically pleasing or conceptually fascinating.
47r/creepy14,724,146Enter if you dare. This place is dedicated to sharing creepy and spooky content, including photos, videos, and stories.
48r/technology13,830,442A place where Redditors can discuss advancements in technology and tech news.
49r/wallstreetbets13,651,924Where people can discuss and share investment strategies and ideas.
50r/TwoXChromosomes13,516,290Dedicated to discussing women’s issues and experiences, including health, relationships, and politics.

Are you already subscribed to any of the top subreddits? If so, which ones? Are there any you’ve never heard of? Let us know in the comments below!

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