Using Google Authenticator With a New or Lost Phone

The words, "Google Authenticator" in yellow followed by the words, "with a new or lost phone" in white.

What is Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator is a two-factor authentication (2FA) app developed by Google. It provides an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring a code in addition to the password during the login process. The app works by generating a unique, one-time code that is used as a second factor to … Read more

Alternatives to Omegle

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There are several alternatives to Omegle that allow you to chat with strangers online. Here are a few popular ones: Chatroulette Chatroulette is a video chat website that pairs random users from around the world for webcam-based conversations. The site was created by Andrey Ternovskiy, a Russian high school student, in 2009. The site’s name … Read more

Unlock an Android Without a Factory Reset

The words "how to unlock an" in white, followed by "Android" in green, followed by "without a factory reset" on a dark background containing a blurred Android phone.

If you have forgotten the password to unlock your Android device, you still may be able to unlock it. You’re likely here because you want to do this without losing data, because, well, who wants that? There are a few methods you can use to unlock your android without having to do a factory reset. … Read more

Top 50 Subreddits in 2023

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Here are the 50 largest subreddits (by subscribers) in March 2023. Note: All 50 of the top subreddits are safe for work (SFW.) If you’re looking for the top NSFW subreddits, you won’t find them here (sorry!) Rank Subreddit # of Subscribers Description 1 r/funny 47,726,469 Humorous content, such as memes, jokes, videos, and images. … Read more

How to Play the Discord Snake Game

a cartoon snake identified as "snek" and above the words "The Discord Snake Game"

Discord has a secret game that is playable within Discord and is for anyone who is able to find it! Because this game is an Easter egg, it’s really more difficult to find than it is to play. That said, it’s a fun little gem! The game is a simple implementation of the classic Snake … Read more

How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

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There are a number of reasons why you might aim to remove duplicates in Excel. Duplicates can cause inaccuracies in data analysis and calculations. For example, if you have duplicate values in a sales report, you may end up overstating your sales numbers. When working with large amounts of data, removing duplicates can make it … Read more