How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

VirtualBox is easy-to-use software that allows you to use multiple operating systems simultaneously. As different operating systems have their pros and cons, using virtual machine software allows computer users the ability to have all the benefits! Many video games are written to work with Windows only and Linux is well-known for its ease of use) … Read more

How to Remove MyWebSearch (Uninstall Guide)

how to remove mywebsearch

If you have MyWebSearch Toolbar, MySearchDial, or My Way Speedbar (it’s the same software) installed, chances are you’ve tried to remove it only to realize that it didn’t fully uninstall. MyWebSearch is a pesky software that takes several steps to remove. You may have initially been interested in the software because it came with free … Read more

How to fix: Your blog isn’t ready to show ads and needs attention

Five steps for getting approved for AdSense: have a top-level domain, make sure you have all the legal pages, have at least 15 blog posts/articles, have unique content, have a reasonably large amount of traffic

When you apply for AdSense, you may have your application declined with the reason stated as simply: Your blog isn’t ready to show ads and needs attention. When this happens, AdSense doesn’t typically share a reason but allows you to log into your account to see potential reasons, which, frustratingly, aren’t there. While AdSense won’t … Read more

What is LIGMA?

Fortnite & LIGMA

LIGMA Meaning LIGMA is a phrase used on the Internet, usually by younger people, and is often used to refer to a disease that a person has contracted. But what is LIGMA? In this article, I will discuss LIGMA including what it means and where the term comes from. What does LIGMA stand for? LIGMA … Read more